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EWA is fully committed to inspire the community towards financial independence. We believe that every individual can build a sustainable financial portfolio to reach their financial goals.

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Established in 2012 with just 5 committed individuals, Ethiqal Wealth Advisory (EWA) has grown in strength with an amazing and dynamic team comprising 30 associates and leaders.

Proud to be an Authorised Representative of AIA Singapore, EWA associates are equipped with in-depth knowledge and expertise to advise our clients the know-hows of enhancing, distributing and managing their assets.

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Being the first financial group that provides a holistic approach to your financial ecosystem, we believe that each and every relationship with a client is unique. Ethiqal Wealth Advisory (EWA) associates focus on consistent service to earn your trust over time, and customize the level of service based on your needs and goals to give you a greater confidence in the future.

EWA aims to reach out to the community and aid them towards achieving their maximum potential through empowering, transforming and inspiring individuals through innovative financial solutions.

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From planning your financial roadmap to your debt management; from individual to corporate level; from low income to high-net worth, we’re here to help anyone from all walks of life view their finances from a larger perspective.

At EWA, our financial services consultants are highly trained in their own specified expertise. You can be assured that the services you receive from us are of high quality and customised to your own needs and concerns.


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